Serve Your Community
Shape Public Policy
Advise Legislative Leaders
Craft Legislation
Advocate for Causes
Ensure Government Accountability
Use and Create Innovative Technology Platforms

After watching this video, can you picture yourself working here and making a difference in people's lives? Learn more about career path choices and search for legislative jobs now! Legislative staff members around the country and the National Conference of State Legislatures are teaming up to invite you to learn more about the opportunities and rewards of working for state legislatures.

Legislatures offer a career path that provides opportunities to influence our society and fulfill your desire for public service. Truth is, there are a lot more people involved in writing laws and shaping public policy than the folks who show up on the evening news or on your local newspaper's home page.

Workers are needed to keep the wheels of government turning. They do policy research, draft bills, write legal opinions, evaluate programs and assess how legislation will affect the state's budget. They have other roles, too, including helping constituents, handling public relations, providing building security and information technology support.