Everyone in these legislative staff agencies plays a role in helping legislators go through the step-by-step process that it takes to transform a policy idea into a successful piece of legislation. Watch videos of staffers in several states describing their jobs and the satisfaction they take in a public service career.

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Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS)

American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries

ASLCS is dedicated to providing an effective forum for solving professional problems common to legislative clerical officers and their staffs. Legislative clerks and secretaries and their staff members work in a unique environment for which little formal training is available.

Communications (LINCS)

Legislative Information and Communication Staff Section

Communications staffers fill many different roles, from writers to photographers to civic education to social media developers. The common goal is to help the public—from schoolchildren to seniors—understand the legislative process, the role their elected officials play, and how they can play a part themselves.

Evaluators (NLPES)

National Legislative Program Evaluation Society

Evaluators review state programs to provide the legislature recommendations for making government as efficient, effective and timely as possible.

Fiscal (NALFO)

National Association of Legislative Fiscal Offices

The legislative branch wields the power of the purse. Fiscal staffers play an important role in analyzing the costs and benefits of a wide array of programs and policies. Members rely on you when they vote on issues in the budget. The greatest challenge is making complex issues understandable.

Leadership (LSS)

Leadership Staff Section

The Leadership Staff Section includes legislative staff who work for legislative leaders and party caucuses in a variety of roles.

Legal (LSSS)

Legal Services Staff Section

LSSS is the only national legal professional organization dedicated to the needs of legislative attorneys, legislative editors, and other paralegal legislative staff. Members of the group are involved in bill drafting, legal research, statutory and administrative rule compilation and publication, administrative rules review, litigation, and other legal services.

Librarians (LRL)

Legislative Research Librarians Staff Section

The Legislative Research Librarians Staff Section includes librarians and information specialists in legislative agencies. The members help lawmakers and staff with legislative research, information retrieval and other work involving legislative information, operations and procedures.

Research (RACSS)

Research & Committee Staff Section

The fact is…just the facts! Our group is made up of people who do research, look at policies, staff committees, and help the people our legislators represent. We do this work in the research arms and chambers of our legislatures, for individual legislators, and for groups of legislators.

Security (NLSSA)

National Legislative Services and Security Association

Our members provide service and security to ensure efficient and effective operation for legislators, staff and the general public. As legislative staff, we maintain order in capitols and legislative buildings, serve committees, conduct tours, maintain buildings and grounds, manage pages and interns, and provide accounting, administration and medical services.

Technology (NALIT)

National Association of Legislative Information Technology

Information technology helps the development of public policy by providing infrastructure, software and services that make communication possible. The management and technical support of legislative systems involves the work of executives, managers, systems analysts, project managers, network engineers and administrators, software applications programmers and help desk support staff.